Rules & Regulations

Last Update on: 28 September 2022
  1. Membership Policy
     Hellenic Airlines Virtual reserves the right to cancel pilots membership if deemed necessary without prior notice but providing an explanation.
    Hellenic Airlines Virtual reserves the right to refuse any virtual pilots application for membership without cause or explanation.
    1.2 Hellenic Airlines Virtual reserves the right to make random checks on your IVAO account for the purpose of validating flights where necessary.
    1.3 When joining Hellenic Airlines Virtual you must provide a valid IVAO pilot VID as we encourage flying online.
    1.4 You may terminate your membership of Hellenic Airlines Virtual at any time by providing a written (email) notice of termination. Your flight data and complete profile information including hours and awards may be permanently deleted and all data will be irrecoverable. Your account will be closed so you will no longer be able to access the forum or other password protected areas of the site. Should you wish to rejoin the VA at a later stage then you can create another account and start a fresh. We may decide to retain your profile information including hours and flights, this is to retain database constancy, the retention of this data will be comply with the current privacy policy and no personal data like name, email and date of birth will remain on system.
    1.5 If after terminating your membership you wish to rejoin this is just a simple case to register your details again on our system.
    1.6 Any staff member who resigns or has their position terminated will be subject to both their management and flying accounts being closed while permissions are reset to a standard pilot, there will be no data loss to your flying hours or status or ranking except your ability to enter the administration of the site.
    1.7 You must be aged at or above 16 to join the VA. Pilots not adhering to this rule will have their accounts terminated without prior notice.
    1.8 Registrations from an email account that gets returned by the system ie bounced emails will be refused instantly.
    1.9 If you want to leave for over a month from Virtual Airlines activities for any reasson, you have to fill a Leave of Absence(LoA) in order your account not be inactivated.
    1.10 You are required to have an active account on IVAO network in order to apply.
    1.11 You are required to have flown at least 150 hours online on IVAO in order to apply.
    1.12 The minimum period of rejoining the VA of deleted users from inactivity is 6 months. (For the Flight Policy Articles of inactivity 2.1 & 2.2)
    1.13 The minimum allowed IVAO Suspension history is 3 times.
  2. Flight Policy
     You must file your first PIREP within 3 days of membership approval or the system will automatically delete your profile.
    2.2 In order to your account remain active a minimum of 1 flight each 30 days is required. If you failed to do, the system will automatically make your profile inactive and you will have to contact with the staff to reactivate your account. After a period of 6 months of inactivity your account will be deleted.
    2.3 We would respectfully ask you to only credit flying hours to your logbook gained flying approved company flights, aircraft and call signs.
    2.4 The approved phonetic callsign for Hellenic Airlines Virtual is “HELLENIC” and your pilot ID, this format is to be used when flying online at all times. Flying online with other callsigns than HEQ while performing a flight for Hellenic Airlines Virtual is not allowed. Random checks may be happen.
    2.5 Pilots may only credit hours to their logbooks that have been gained on an aircraft and route that is part of the Hellenic Airlines Virtual fleet and schedules.
    2.6 All PIREPS are remain pending until manually processed by Hellenic Airlines Virtual Staff members who checking them for errors. If there is any error your flight will be rejected and flight hours won’t be calculated.
    2.7 It is not allowed to make extended flights where you are not at the controls of the aircraft. This means overnight flights, where the pilot is sleeping but still gaining hours and seniority. Pilots found to be flying for extended periods whilst not at the controls will have any hours gained removed from their log book. A continual breech of this rule may find your account closed.
  3.  Communications and Privacy Policy
     We reserve the right to use your personal registered email address to send you communications in regard to any aspect of your membership including your flight status within the system. Only staff members can use your email address in order to contact you.
    3.2 Your email address will not be used as part of any sales, marketing or promotional offer not connected to Hellenic Airlines Virtual and will not be distributed to any third party.
    3.3 You must provide a valid and working email address when joining, Your welcome information will be sent to this address for verification and validation. You must ensure that this email address is kept up to date, failure to provide this will be a breech in these terms and conditions and your account will be closed, Bounced emails will result in the immediate closure of your account.
    3.4 Senior Management may at times monitor communication channels i.e. Pilot Mail and the forum PM systems to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions, therefore these methods of communication should not be treated as secure, private or confidential.
  4. Code of Conduct Policy
     No use of foul or unsuitable language will be tolerated by ANY member of the VA in any of our communications, forums or any other form of communication between members.
    4.2 We reserve the right to use disciplinary procedures against members which may result in the suspension or termination of their account.
    4.3 Under no circumstances will insults, personal abuse or threats to other members be tolerated anywhere and throughout Hellenic Airlines Virtual.
    4.4 Pornography, vulgarity and obscene behaviour will not be tolerated anywhere throughout Hellenic Airlines Virtual.
    4.5 Violation of these terms and conditions will result in suspension of your account and/or expulsion from Hellenic Airlines Virtual.
    4.6 The Hellenic Airlines Virtual forums are not for advertising other virtual airlines by means of banners and/or other advertising text or material. Any member found doing this may have the posts removed/deleted, posting copyright images is against these terms and conditions and will be looked upon as a breech, any images will be removed and your account may be suspended.
    4.7 Every pilot and staff member at Hellenic Airlines Virtual has the right to be treated with respect and in a polite manner. Any correspondence with staff or other pilots which is deemed to be insulting, rude or generally not polite behaviour will result in the persons being contacted by management. The outcome of this is likely to be the suspension or closing of the account in question.
    4.8 The forums are a place for friendly discussion, debate and making new friends. They are not the place for arguments of any sort. Any persons found to be engaging in arguments on the forum will be referred to the moderation team. The outcome of this is likely to be the suspension or closing of the account in question.
  5. Disciplinary Proceedings Policy
     Hellenic Airlines Virtual operate a strictly adhered to policy for conducting our disciplinary proceedings. If the moderation team deem this is required then they will write to you (via email) explaining the wrong doing. We operate a strict two strikes policy which will be implemented as follows:
    5.2 In the event of the moderation team deeming your actions as misconduct you will be sent a formal warning to your registered email address.
    5.3 In the event of a formal warning being issued you will be suspended from flying duties and from accessing the forum for 7 days. Note that this is the standard suspension and maybe increased.
    5.4 In the event of a second incident considered by the moderation team to be misconduct you will be given a written notice of dismissal from Hellenic Airlines Virtual. Your account will be closed immediately and under no circumstances will you be able to rejoin Hellenic Airlines Virtual.
    5.5 The Moderation Team and creator of this VA may when deemed required, or when acting upon a complaint from another member of staff or pilot, dismiss a pilot immediately if the misconduct is considered to warrant it without issuing the initial formal warning.
    5.6 You have the right to appeal any judgement made by and this will be considered by the Moderation Team. Note that Hellenic Airlines Virtual is the final authority in determining your actions as misconduct and no discussion will be entered into after our final consideration has been made. You may appeal formal warnings and if that appeal is successful the warning will be retracted. You may appeal dismissal and if that appeal is successful then you account will be reinstated. If you feel a certain member of staff has acted inappropriate then you may appeal to the next level up the chain.
    5.7 In all cases, details or formal warnings and dismissals will be kept indefinitely on our database and the owner of this VA will have the final say regarding all actions and may not be over ruled in any way whatsoever.
  6. Forum Policy
     Forum signatures images, including two or more images presented together to look like one image, or text and/or images presented as a unit forming part of a signature, should be limited to a maximum size of Width 500 pixels and Height 100 pixels. This is the total size for any images that are displayed together. The total box containing any such images and/or text should not exceed the sizes laid out above. Any signature images larger than this size will be removed. This is to make the forum readable and so that people don’t have to scroll up and down massive images to read forum posts, Signatures above the prescribed measure above will be removed without warning upon discovery. Images that are posted in the screen shot gallery that have since been removed and are showing blank may have the post deleting from the forum.
  7. Other Terms and Conditions
     Hellenic Airlines Virtual reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without providing prior notice. However we will inform all users typically via a NOTAM, mail or on our forum when these terms and conditions change. You may leave the virtual airline at any time including if you are not happy with a change to the Terms and Conditions.
    7.2 Hellenic Airlines Virtual owner and creator will have the final say regarding all matters arisen and may not be challenged in any way what so ever in a legal manner. We will not accept any liability for damage caused to your network systems or PC via the use of this site. If you do not accept these terms and conditions then please do not join!
    7.3 Members may at times advertise on the forums, users must understand this is nothing to do with Hellenic Airlines Virtual and we will not be held liable for any transactions what so ever.

If you have any further questions that have not been covered here then please use the contact us page to contact us.
All that is left is to Welcome you to the VA and i hope you enjoy your stay here.

 Welcome aboard



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